We tackled a whole hog and now it’s time for BBQ

It’s been three years since we first sat down with Bob Dickson to discuss what a collaboration would look like. And what type of courses could we offer? And finally The Secrets of BBQ – Part 1 is here.


If you don’t know who Bob Dickson is, allow me to fill you in

After graduating from the University of Idaho and three years in the private sector. Bob picked up valuable real world experience in meat science, federal operation/regulation, mobile harvesting, game processing and operations sales and management. 5 years later, Bob earns the distinction of Senior Instructor while redesigning and directing the Oregon State University Meat Science program for 25 years. The changes and developments were directed towards developing a program that featured strong industry ties and working on current problems. The program also included new research that would help industry in the short term. With a new program for students dedicated to moving into the meat industry as both interns, and eventually, as employees. The program dubbed the Singletree Meat Program saw students fully trained ready to move into the industry. With an 80-90% rate of annual placement.

Bob Dickson answering questions during the secrets of BBQ Bob Dickson Making Sausage

So what does this have to do with a BBQ class? hold on I’m gettin there

In the 2000’s Bob went back into the private sector and would spend almost 20 years training food safety, process development and assessment. It didn’t stop there, he also worked operations management for Poultry, Pork and Beef, R&D and new product development. This included snack foods, soups, dairy products, sauces, rubs and marinades. See where I’m going with this.

piece of meat being sliced tri tipslices of beef brisket that we will make during the secrets of BBQ

All that said, Fermentato is pleased to present The Secrets of BBQ part 1 by Bob Dickson.  This is a two-day course with a focus on Beef Brisket, Tri-Tip and Pork loin, cook-off and taste challenge between smoke oven and grill/pit, examination and creation of your own sauce and rub. You can be a pro chef/butcher/pit master or a weekend warrior with a Traeger, Prof. Bob has something for everyone.

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