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Is drying and cold smoking fish part of your business?

Pesciugatore® has simplified the drying and cold smoking of fish. But what is a Pesciugatore®? basically, it is a climate controlled chamber. The kind of which you’ve probably not seen before. As a result, this new technology can provide an advantage to you over your competition. Its design is elegant enough to make product in front of your client. With the clean look of stainless steel, a large glass door and LED lighting. It is sure to attract attention in any location. Making this showpiece ideal for restaurants, seafood markets, supermarkets, hotels and casinos.

salmon fillet sprinkled rock salt peppercorns and herbs on a cutting board

Tests have shown that in as little as 7 days. Pesciugatore® can transform raw salmon to a fully cured product. That is shelf stable and of high added value.
If your business is by the sea or trading in seafood in any way. Then Pesciugatore® is the all in one solution for you. After all, in today’s ever changing and competitive world, you need every tool in your possession.

salmon fillet sprinkled with herbs on a cutting board surrounded by greens

Why should you use this?

Pesciugatore® is built for those who are dedicated to salting, curing, drying, seasoning and smoking fish. Included are 5 standard sensors. To monitor temperature, humidity and pH. All the while keeping your product safe, through your entire process. Due to the fact that each recipe is running at a low temperature. The nutritional values are preserved as well. By consequence, the flavor is increased.

Also included is the HACCP data logger. Which records and stores data every 4 hours. Moreover the SFC® controller offers you the chance to create your own programs. Finally the fumotic® is your steam and cold smoke generator. This dual process provides humidity when needed. While it also generates smoke when programmed into a recipe.