Food Service Equipment

We specialize in Italian-designed systems for the food industry, because thousands of years of experience and technological advancement can’t be wrong. Whether you’re a hotel, casino, grocery, butchery, restaurant, meat processor, college/university, food validation lab, or spice manufacturer, we have something for you.

various salami spread out forcemeat and whole anatomical

Salami Production

We utilize science and technology to preserve tradition for the purpose of keeping salami production safe, allowing small businesses of all types to further specialize themselves. Our food service equipment minimizes costs and multiplies profits while respecting professional ethics and food safety.

Our carefully selected products allow people from all cultures to rediscover their roots by using technology to reproduce old family recipes or create new recipes that will be the traditions of tomorrow. We have assembled a wide range of units based on capacity that will allow you to ferment, dry, and cure your salami perfectly.

Meat Processing

Martini Equipment has been working closely with meat processors of all sizes from Canada to Argentina for many years. We have become familiar with government standards and regulations and will help provide insight into your next project.

Smoking, curing, aging, cooking, fermenting, drying or flavoring—no matter what your idea is, we have the knowledge and the commercial food service equipment for you. Martini Equipment is your trusted partner, both now and in the future.

various dry aged beef cuts on a table top
4 filling nozzles of varying diameters

Our accessories are handpicked for their quality, ease of use, and reliability. This affords you the opportunity to increase efficiency and work more effectively. There’s nothing worse than spending your money only to find yourself unhappy with the product. Maybe it’s too cheap or it wasn’t presented to you well enough. And now you’re stuck, and your budget is gone.

We have done the research ahead of time so you don’t have to. We’ve paired up with the best manufacturers from Italy in an effort to give you the benefit of their years of experience. We will provide the right tool for the right job, from bowl choppers to slicers, mixers to stuffers—even hooks and rail systems. Let us help you find exactly what you need.

30 years of experience brings us to where we are today. We are proud to offer people the chance to study from true American masters. Starting in 2022, we will be hosting a series of courses to deliver science-based know-how and apply it to food service equipment you may already own.

With so many websites online, it’s hard to pinpoint the right information for you. That is why we want to connect you with industry professionals that can provide meaningful info and proven facts. Plus, it will all take place in Las Vegas! We’ll balance your education with the lively atmosphere unique to the city that never sleeps. Check back with us soon for further updates.

technician writing a report surrounded by tools

What is service? Is it just a guy sitting in a chair, filling out a report with tools at his feet? No! It goes far beyond that. It is helping you with a recipe, helping you program a piece of commercial food service equipment, or even providing a technical drawing for a new project.

Of course we’re here to help with all the standard stuff, like installation for start-up training or general maintenance. But our years in the industry and the connections we have made are what set us apart. Click on the pic if you are in need of service.