Enviro-Pak Commercial Smokehouse Manufacturers

Presenting the Martini 280, built by commercial smokehouse manufacturer Enviro-Pak!

Who is Enviro-Pak?

Since the 1960s, the technology of engineer and inventor Gil Martini has been serving the Americas and beyond. Gil opened Enviro-Pak to build and commercialize his unique take on the smoke oven. Over a few short years, he designed and produced several lines of vertical and horizontal flow ovens. Now, Martini’s equipment experts are the top Enviro-Pak commercial smokehouse manufacturers in the US.

Commercial smokehouse
smoked sausages hanging in a row

The Martini 280

This is the evolution of years of experience. The 280 model is built to fit into tight spaces, making it ideal for restaurants and other small businesses. It is ideal for those searching for a multi-purpose tool to add to their arsenal. The flexibility of its control system allows for a large range of products to be smoked, dried, cooked, roasted and much more. The robust build quality puts the Martini 280 in the top 3 of all smokehouses manufactured in America—but it is the price that bumps it up to number one.

Standard Features:

  • MP-2500 touchscreen controller w/ remote connectivity to smartphones and computers
  • HACCP data-logging
  • Auto control of natural wood smoke
  • Auto control of product shower
  • Manual control of in-duct wash/rinse and detergent siphon for C.I.P.
  • Built-in natural wood smoke generator and ducting
  • One 6-tier stainless steel shelf truck
  • Set of ten stainless steel smokesticks

Installation and Training

Our Enviro-Pak commercial smokehouse manufacturer’s highly trained technical staff take care of the installation. We are here, both before and after the sale, to help answer questions regarding your specific production needs. Our knowledgeable reps have years of experience and will offer tips and tricks to take your production to the next level. Whether it’s a beef jerky spice blend or a smoked salmon brine, assisting you is paramount. We have also built strong relationships with inspectors, agents, and consultants over the years. If we can’t provide you with an answer, they can. When you’re ready to purchase your Martini 280, we will be there for you every step of the way.