How to Dry Age Beef or Steak

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Maturmeat® teaches you how to dry age beef and steak and will take your product to the next level

How you may be wondering? in essence this proven transformation chamber takes your product through the entire process automatically. At which time it carefully renders your product into the most tender and flavourful high-end cut of meat.
Maturmeat® is equipped with a series of patents with the sole purpose of creating the ideal environment. Included are 5 standard sensors. To monitor temperature, humidity and pH. All the while keeping your product safe, through your entire production run. Due to the fact that each recipe is running at a low temperature. The nutritional values are preserved as well. simultaneously, water content is reduced and the flavor is concentrated. It is for these reasons and more that Maturmeat® is safe for use in any situation. Furthermore it legally conforms to International Food Safety Standards.

various dry aged beef cuts on a table top
brown cows eating hay in the snow

But why would you want to dry age?

If you’re still wondering or have no idea of the benefits to dry aging read here. Still Confused? We are here to answer all your questions on how to dry age beef or steak. From process to machine functionality, our team of specialists are ready to work with you. Consequently if you are already familiar with the process let Maturmeat® do all the work. With the brushed stainless steel, large glass door and LED illumination. It is sure to attract attention in any location. Making this showpiece ideal for restaurants, butcher shops, supermarkets, hotels and casinos. Regardless of your type or size of production, we will get you yo where you want to be.