Prosciutto Salt Processing Equipment

Prosciutto salting equipment for small, medium and large scale producers

Machine for automatic salting of prosciutto

Salting Racks by Guidoparma

Since 1980, Guidoparma has developed a reputation as a specialized company for overhead rail systems maintenance. Throughout the following years, Guidoparma has grown and become one of the leading companies in the entire production chain of overhead rail systems and equipment: design, construction, and installation. Today, Guidoparma is available all over North America through Martini Equipment.

These salting racks are available in rolling and overhead varieties. All salt racks are made from stainless steel while the meat lays on food-grade plastic. Angled channeling removes drained water away from meat. All prosciutto salt processing equipment can be built in standard or custom sizes.

Patented Hooks by Guidoparma

These durable and simple-to-use hooks clip to a 2.5cm diameter rod to make hanging salami easy. Made from food-grade plastic for direct contact with meat, these hooks are easy to wash.

plastic hook clipped to rod to hang salami

Salting by Soncini

Salt processing equipment by Soncini guarantees a fully automatic machine capable of performing pre-salting and salting operations. Raw ham, speck, bacon and similar products can all be processed in our machines regardless of their type, cut, and size. If you’re looking to process and create high-quality prosciutto, Martini Equipment has the right stuff for you.

Our prosciutto salt processing equipment rubs moist salt onto the meat with a set of special rubber brushes located on the sides and bottom during transport to the salting area. During salting, normally with dry salt, the machine supplies a pre-mixed curing amount that is precise and constant over time. No need to worry about over- or under-salted meat!

Born out of years of experience in the sector, this prosciutto salt processing equipment allows highly customizable processing in relation to the specific requirements of the customer.

Standard Features:

  • Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Output: ~ 600/800 pieces/hr.

Optional Features:

  • Additive doser unit
  • Salt drying unit
rack with plastic shelves with prosciutto on top for sating