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Where the past meets the future

Stagionello™, the first standard-sized curing cabinet, makes salami production simple. Prior to its release, European inspectors forced small butchers to stop all in-house production. As a result of new sanitary regulations. For this reason a new opportunity presented itself. Consequently, the first series of standard size chambers supported local butchers. Because of the technology used, this meant the Stagionello® curing cabinet would go beyond the requirements of European inspectors.

Since that time, this salami curing cabinet has evolved to be equipped with more functions and features. They’ve stayed ahead of the competition that they have created. From cleaning in place to remote connectivity, let’s take a look at what comes with your new Stagionello® curing chamber.

What do you get?

Sicur Food Control is Italian Patented device control, with integrated pH-metric system. Patented Cuomo Method®️

Included are 5 standard sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and pH, as well as a HACCP data logger that records and stores data every 4 hours. The state-of-the-art SFC® controller offers you the chance to create your own programs. And let’s not forget the Fumotic®, your steam and cold smoke generator. This dual process provides humidity when needed and creates smoke when programmed into a recipe. Last but not least, we include 20 stainless steel hanging rods.

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various salami spread out forcemeat and whole anatomical

Who uses Stagionello®?

Anyone passionate about keeping traditional salami production alive. Stagionello™ is fitted with every tool the modern salami maker needs. From old world recipes to new artisan craft  salami, the simplified controller is easy to use. But is it made for everyone? Yes: butchers, colleges, universities, food testing labs and restaurants. Even home users have purchased Stagionello® curing cabinets. This tried, tested, and true system will turn your dream of making your own salami a reality.

Do you want to make salami but don’t know how?

Not a problem. We work with trained experts who can help you with your production. Better yet, we will soon be offering short classes to take the mystery away from fermentation. We will study what goes into salami, at what time, and why. We discuss modern methods and traditional styles. For any and all questions, please contact us for more details.

For more on the process of salami making, read about the art of salami making.

We are passionate about salami and we hope to spark your interest too. See you in Las Vegas!