Sirman Food Processing Equipment

Refrigerated Grinders

TC 32 Nevada Ice


hydraulic stuffer

IS 15 Stuffer

IS 25 Stuffer

IS 35 Stuffer


TC 22 Colorado

meat grinder

TC 32 Colorado

TC 32 California

TC 32 Montana

TC 42 Montana


meat mixer

IP 30 Mixer

IP 50 Mixer

IP 80 Mixer

IP 120 Mixer

Why did we choose Sirman food processing equipment?

Since 1969, Sirman has been making high-quality food processing equipment, with a strong focus on professionals in small meat processing and the retail industry. Sirman equipment has pioneered several industry firsts, with class-leading technology and a history of reliability. With their commitment to a high level of organization and teamwork, they fulfill the needs of over 600 dealers in 126 countries worldwide.

Today, Sirman is an industry leader thanks to their comprehensive range of commercial food processing equipment, all designed with a perfect combination of technology and dependability. Consequently, these innovations and solutions are able to meet and exceed the demands of all users.

Sirman company Logo

Bigger is Better

Sirman is able to do what they do as a result of their team of engineers and technicians. Over the last 50 years, they have developed six separate manufacturing and assembly plants in northern Italy. The research and development departments continuously push innovation forward. 3D modeling stations help to manage all stages of product development. By keeping all the work in house, they avoid shipping jobs to China. As a result, they are able to give you a fully “Made in Italy” product.

Sirman has now added a US-based warehouse. That way, there is no lost time waiting for parts from Italy, as they are readily available here.

Sirman Factory in Italy

Green Tech

Sirman has a strong focus on employee well-being and environmental responsibility. For this reason, they have automated jobs like metal polishing. With the use of solar panels, they have substantially reduced their carbon footprint.

As a dealer, we constantly provide feedback to make sure they continue to make changes that people want and need for their Sirman food processing equipment. This relationship between supplier, dealer, and client makes working together mutually beneficial.