meat grinder
meat grinder

TC 32 Colorado

The Colorado is solid medium size table top unit, powerful enough to take on many challenges. This model is a lower cost solution as compared to other heavy duty models. Like many Sirman models, it is easy to use, dismantle and clean. All parts processing your product are made from stainless steel. The 32 indicates a larger auger and sleeve allowing for greater processing capacity.

Standard equipment:

• Complete stainless steel exterior
• Stainless steel auger and sleeve
• Stainless steel knife
• Stainless steel plate 1/4″ (6mm)
• Stainless steel tray
• Manual switch w/ IP 54 protection
• Forward and reverse gears
• Plastic tamper

Optional equipment available contact us for more details

Horse Power 

3 hp – Single Phase


880 lbs/hr

Power Supply

220 V