Flywheel Meat Slicer

Flywheel meat slicer in red

Legend 250

vintage slicer for meat

Legend 300L

old red flywheel slicer

Legend 350L

The Legend flywheel meat slicer was designed in the style of the Van Berkel patent. Although these slicers’ construction is relatively new, they still maintain a similar beauty to the original, making it perfect for any location. The use of modern materials and cutting-edge engineering makes this one-of-a-kind piece a highly functional star attraction. The weight of the flywheel gives you an idea of its robust build quality. Feel that quality in your hands!

Seeing Is Believing

First, use the locking mechanism to firmly clamp the meat into place with a few simple movements. Then, you’ll set the depth and turn the dial incrementally for the finest of shaved meats. As you begin the rotation of the flywheel, all of the machine’s parts come to life as it slices. Meanwhile, the cutting head stays cool and allows for slice uniformity and smear prevention. Show off your flywheel meat slicer for family, friends, and guests, and watch them marvel at the intricate machinery as it shaves your meat paper thin.

General Maintenance

Like all food service equipment, the Legend slicer requires some basic maintenance. Disassembly and reassembly are quick and easy—within minutes, it is tuned up and ready to serve you again. Sharpening stones are located at the top of the blade, allowing for convenient access. A lubricating oil dispenser is also included with your unit. To illustrate how general maintenance is performed, feel free to watch this instructional video.

Whether for use in your business or at home in your kitchen, this attractive and functional showpiece is a welcome addition to any location. Clients and friends will take notice and comment on the elegance of your flywheel meat slicer.

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