Meat Production Classes

Logo featuring cow head with slogan below "nutrire il mondo" "feeding the world"

Chef ‘s Charcuterie by Polcyn

Celebrated chef and author Brian Polcyn brings his skills to Las Vegas. This 2 day Charcuterie and whole-hog butchery course is an educational live demonstration of all things Charcuterie. Nearly every facet of the craft is covered, including proper sausage, smoking, curing, and brining techniques, the power of salt in the kitchen, use of nitrites/nitrates, European seam butchery vs. USDA butchery, and much more.

Saturday, June 1st, 2024 – Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

Topics covered:

  • How to butcher a hog using nothing but a knife and European seam-butchery techniques with an emphasis on heritage breeds
  • Proper curing techniques
  • How to utilize Charcuterie cuts to keep food costs low
  • Proper smoking techniques
  • How to get Charcuterie cuts from USDA cuts
  • Proper use of nitrites and nitrates
  • How to work with trim/offal
Chef Brian Polcyn preparing bacons and sausage

Our New Home, Las Vegas, Nevada

The new test kitchen is complete with toys for all the big girls and boys: smoke ovens, curing cabinets, slicers, mixers and stuffers. This adult playground will be a one of a kind experience dedicated to learning and testing new product and recipes.

The Science of Salami

This meat production class aims to provide solid theoretical and practical foundations to help the chef, butcher, and home enthusiast. Two full days of training will conclude with the successful production of 200 pounds of salami, hung and ready for transformation.

Topics covered:

  • Muscle Chemistry
  • Meat Selection
  • Mold, Bacteria and Starters
  • Spices, Salts and Sugars
  • First Prep
  • Full Production
  • Tricks of the Trade
meat grinding then stuffed into a casing and hung to dry

The Secrets of BBQ by Dr. Dana Hanson

Meat science professor Dr. Dana Hanson from North Carolina State University bring years of experience and know how to Las Vegas. This BBQ course aims to provide some science on solid theoretical and practical foundations to help the pit master, chef, butcher, and home BBQ enthusiast. Two full days of training in this meat production class will conclude with the successful production of brisket, ribs, smoked sausage, rubs and sauces. Roll up. your sleeves on this one, Oh. and there will be much to sample.

Friday, June 14th, 2024 – Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Topics covered:

  • Quick look at BBQ styles from across the country
  • Meat Selection
  • Sectioning of a half carcass
  • Spices, Salts and Herbs
  • Pro Tips for the Backyard Smoker
  • Full Explanation/Creation of cook schedule
ribs sliced brisket smoked pork butt

The Lost Art of Drying

This course will provide solid theoretical and practical foundations for the chef, butcher, and home enthusiast. One full day of training will conclude with a successful examination of dry aged meat.

Topics covered:

  • Meat Characteristics
  • Meat Selection
  • Dry vs Wet Aging
  • Physics of Dry Aging
    • Moisture Loss
    • Shrink Control
    • White Fat vs Dirty Meat
traditional butcher shops and dry aged meat