And It’s Finally Here

As Feb 4th came and went. We transitioned from the pressure of final preparation to relief. As the first ever two-day course was held at the new Fermentato location in Las Vegas.

Fermentato has been two and a half years in build out and 8 years in conceptualizing and planning. All to have a smash opener with Chef Butcher, coauthor of three (soon to be four) books, owner operator of five restaurants, James Beard nominee, and not to mention schoolcraft college instructor Brian Polcyn. Dang that was a mouthful, but well deserved.

Brian Polcyn poses with class at the opening of Noble Craft of CharcuterieStudents watching Butcher Brian Polcyn during Noble Craft of Charcuterie

The Noble Craft of Charcuterie

Like many masters of the craft, Chef Polycn has dedicated himself to the exploration of tradition and quality throughout his career. One of those journeys led him straight into Western Europe. To dive deep into French Charcuterie and Italian Salumi. The culmination of his life’s work brought him to develop a specialized two-day class entitled The Noble Craft of Charcuterie. Until now this was only available as a touring roadshow “coming soon to a kitchen near you”.

Nicholas Bryce watches chefChef Brian Polcyn portioning meat during Noble Craft of CharcuterieNoble Craft of Charcuterie meat blessing

What is it all about?

The Noble Craft of Charcuterie by Brian Polcyn takes his six-month college class and shrinks it down to an intense whole hog examination and breakdown. With it, he produces fresh sausage, terrines, rillette, smoked and air cured products. Fermentato shares Chef Polcyn’s passion for ancient preservation methods and is proud to partner with him to offer this two-day course. But is this a course unlike an currently offered? A master craftsman offering his knowledge and skillset in a unique location within the entertainment capital of the world. The short answer is Yes. For those that came out to this past course they were amazed at what was done in such a short time. From whole hog deconstruction to the multitude of products being made to answers to questions in regard to care, practice, regulation within the kitchen. There is definitely something for everyone.

Brian Polcyn giving Angie Reish certificateDerek Colglazier receives certificate from Brian Polcyn

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